You can either take on a journey packed with action and mixed with introspection, or fight other players online with an awesome and nausea-free flying locomotion system.

You need to combine your abilities with different powers and weapons to fight in order to recompose your memories and unfold the truth.

As you make your way through timeless, unique landscapes filled of threats you slowly find out what happened to you, why you are there and what you have done in the past.
Throughout this journey you'll find yourself facing massive titans obstructing your path, and with the effectiveness of VR devices you will feel the sense of scale and how it is to confront a giant.

Layered with sublime potency

Converge focus, sharpen your reflexes and unleash fury with your powers in Run of Mydan.
Built from the ground up for VR you will find yourself absorbed
by timeless breathtaking atmospheres as you put your physical abilities to test.
Swiftness, agility and dexterity are crucial to success, forget standing still if you want to survive.